Monday, January 10, 2011

This has got to be Good!

Hmmmm.........I have agonized over what to write about in my first post.  Truth is, I am no closer at this moment than I was a month ago.  I have so many things I want to say, but can't find words that seem to fully capture what I mean to say.   I think I will start by giving you an idea of why I named my blog "Wink".

I have lived my whole 29 years on this earth needing affirmation from other people.  Whether I followed my heart or not, I wanted other people to tell me what I was doing was what I should do.  Well....I am giving myself the go ahead to live a life affirmed by God and myself and no one else.  In other words, I am winking at myself, affirming that I've got my back, and He does, matter what. 

This year marks a right of passage for me, so to speak.  My husband of eleven years no longer lives here, and I feel lost, incomplete, and out of control.  Mistakes were made, and while I won't get into our story, it is definitely a tearjerker.  With that said, I have two amazing kids, and get the privilege of helping to mold them into great men for Christ. Over the last six months of my life, I have prayed harder, dug deeper, and loved more openly than I ever have. an extra bonus, I have found comfort in the words of others right here in bloggerland.  I can sit for hours reading words of encouragement, looking at amazing projects, drooling over recipes, and saying "One life will be that good again."  Well, the time has come.  One thing that I have learned from all of this, is that my happy ending must begin with me.  And, while this post was supposed to be done by January 1st to mark my starting point, procrastination is one of those issues I will be dealing with during this next year.  My hopes for this blog:  I have so many...I want to show my projects, give my recipes, post what I wore, and journal my day to day.  But, most of all, I want to reflect on my journey through this life as affirmation that it is truly a life well-lived.